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This is the devil’s favorite post

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a question every kiseop stan asks

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It’s just a bunch of words, who cares if you’re strong or weak at it?

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life is so hard when you have twenty animes to watch

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The way she tried to handle her keys omfg

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life hack: get a tattoo. if the people at the job interview notice it and look concerned, laugh a little and explain “it’s just temporary.”  months later if your boss asks why you lied and said it was a temporary tattoo, stare off into the distance and whisper with a tremulous voice the poor excuse for truth your subconscious has been fighting for its entire insignificant existence: “everything is temporary.”

This has been traffic.

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you know someone’s on a secret mission when he starts doing weird stuff during press conference

cr. Kiiro
cr. 新闻李总的海大大

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